Mathilde Cornet

Custom Bridal Dresses Designer

- Portrait - 

Mathilde Cornet is a belgian fashion and shoe designer, specialized in the making of custom bridal dresses. She is a creative person with fairy fingers - always on the search for the best techniques, materials and fittings. She creates unique dresses for exceptional days. From the first sketch to your Big Day, Mathilde is listening to your desires and guides you with kindness to give life to the dress that really fits you. Mathilde offers you an extraordinary, intimate and -sur mesure- creative experience to which she infuses poetry and passion. Devoted to women, Mathilde sublimates you by offering you the dress of your dreams.


Your dream is her passion.  

Since almost ten years now, I have been making wedding dresses.​ 

It is always such a pleasure and a true honor to collaborate closely with a bride-to-be and bring her dream dress to life. A dress in which she truly feels herself, in which she can move, dance and fully celebrate her union to the person she loves. We build together a relationship of trust and collusion where the magic operates...

Are you planning your big day and looking for a very unique dress ?

Feel free to contact me to learn more about how I work...

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Precious memories


For me the greatest memory, without a doubt, is the relationship of trust.

It's been 7 years since I asked you to make my wedding dress.

You only had 4 months to do it, we lived 500 km from each other, and yet, we embarked on the adventure without hesitation !

I was never afraid, I always knew that you would do wonders !


You embody so much delicacy, romance, gentleness, extravagance sometimes, that I find you perfect, perfectly legitimate, to advise and design wedding dresses.

It was just natural. You have always been professional and confident, which was obviously reassuring.


And the dress you delivered to me was just perfect!

Really, this relationship of trust was extraordinary for me.